Alnpete Press is proud to publish the following authors.

Alison Buck,
an exciting and strong new voice in fiction.
Read her first two titles
Devoted Sisters, and Abiding Evil,
both available now.


“Alison Buck is an exciting and strong new voice
in modern fiction. Although her stories feature
powerful insights and express a female
perspective on important issues and concerns
they successfully speak to readers of all genders,
ages and beliefs. Dark, psychological drama,
mixed with wit and delivered with a light touch
that makes you care about the hopes
and dreams of her characters.”



“Simon Buck has a traditional approach to
crime (writing about it, that is!) His Peter White
mysteries will intrigue you with their twists and
turns, while fascinating you with high technology
and state of the art techniques, and tempting
you with exotic locations and enticing meals.
If you're a foodie, a techno-mage, an
armchair traveller, an amateur sleuth or
just enjoy a good yarn, you'll love these books.”


Simon Buck
has a traditional approach to crime (writing).
The first two Peter White mysteries,
Library of the Soul, and
Crypto da Vinci,
are available now.


Ann Catherwood,



“Whether you like manga,
 graphic novels or comics,
 Ann Catherwood's images will speak to you!”



“Imagine CS Lewis and CJ Cherryh
 collaborating on a fantasy novel
 aimed at young adults!”



PR Pope,
soon to be the newest star
in the fantasy firmament.
The first volume in the
Queens of Antares:
will be published next year.