We love reading good books.

That's why we want to publish good books.

The content is, of course, the single most important aspect of a good book.

But we know that other things contribute to the whole reading experience too:

The look
not just the cover but the look of the book as a whole,
when it's open, when it's closed, when it's on your shelf;
the colour of the paper;
the crispness of the typeface.

The feel
how it feels in your hand, when you're holding it, flicking through it, reading it;
the tactility of the cover;
the texture of the pages;
the strength and integrity of the binding,
assuring you that the pages won't suddenly fall out before you've even finished reading it for the first time!

The sound
that satisfying riffling sound as you flick through the pages.

The smell
the new book smell,
so much better than the musty smell of a damp, unloved book abandoned in an attic.

All of these are elements of what makes settling down to read a good book such an enriching part of life.

So we take each of these factors very seriously in the publication of our titles. We have a quality assurance process to ensure that the final book looks just the way the author intended. We don't cut any corners. We carefully choose the paper, cover board and printer to be as sure as possible that the production process delivers exactly what we want. Our preferred page size is 215x135mm (known as trade paperback or Demy) so we can be sure that there are sufficient margins on the page and the text doesn't look cramped. We use a digital suite to ensure that we retain complete and precise control over the final product.

Maybe we're obsessive about quality, but is that such a bad thing?