Alison Buck

Although, as a rule, she concerns herself with apparently quite normal, everyday characters, populating what appear to be quite normal and everyday surroundings, the events and dangers they encounter soon draw them away from the commonplace and lead them inexorably towards often frightening and sometimes bloody outcomes. Alison’s can be very dark, unsettling tales.

“Alison Buck is an exciting and strong new voice in modern fiction.
Although her stories feature powerful insights and express a
female perspective on important issues and concerns
they successfully speak to readers of all genders, ages and beliefs.
Dark, psychological drama, mixed with wit and delivered with a light touch
that makes you care about the hopes and dreams of her characters.”

Devoted Sisters Cover

Alison Buck, an exciting and strong new voice in fiction.
Read her first novel Devoted Sisters, a powerful psychological drama,
available from good bookstores and online retailers now.


Abiding Evil, a harrowing tale of good and evil in the forests of North America, is now available.
Get it, before it gets you!

Abiding Evil Cover
Female Line Cover

Female Line, a deep dark novel that examines the meaning of family and existence, is coming next year.




Throughout a science-biased education and subsequent years employed in graphic design and web site development, Alison has all the while been scribbling away, committing her dark, unsettling stories to disc. Fortunately the often menacing undercurrents in her work are completely at odds with the happy and relatively normal family life she enjoys with her wonderful husband, son and daughter in Kent.

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