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Abiding Evil

Abiding Evil CoverGlobal eBook Awards NomineeGlobal eBook Awards Finalist“Alison Buck's writing gives us a fresh perspective on horror.
She combines timeless themes of good and evil
with a very contemporary concern for genuinely believable characters.
Abiding Evil is a sinister tale informed by psychological insight,
wit and a style of writing that breathes life into the protagonists.
This is a dark story that can make your blood run cold and yet also touch your heart.
It is a chilling book which will appeal as much to fans of psychological drama
as it will to lovers of traditional horror.”

A sleeping menace is roused deep in the darkness of the forest. For decades it grows, biding its time, reaching out to tug at the ordinary lives of those living beyond the shadow of the trees.

Their children begin to disappear.

Unaware and unsuspecting of the danger, a group of families, friends for many years, journey to a newly re-opened hotel. It stands alone in a clearing a mile or more within the forest boundary.

For some this will be their last reunion.


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Alison Buck, an exciting and strong new voice in fiction.
Watch out for her new title Abiding Evil,
available from good stores and online retailers now.

Paperback ISBN 978-0-9552206-3-0 512pp RRP: £9.99
eBook ISBN 978-0-9552206-9-2 RRP: £1.99 (inc VAT)

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What people have been saying about Abiding Evil:

“ of the finest horror novels I have ever read”
“I don’t know why Alison Buck’s name is not better known. If this book is anything to go by she is easily as good as Stephen King or Dean Koontz.”

Darkiss, Darkiss Reads

“The Exquisite Pain of Wide Eyed Horror”
“There are novels which have the power to grip you from their very first sentence, this is one of them. ... Yet, for all the excellence in delivering the staples of the horror genre, with its creepy setting, crazed antagonist and flavours of the supernatural, what shines through in this book is the plausibility and humanity of its characters.”

Jon Rosenberg, Customer review on Amazon UK

“A Gripping Read”
Good characterisation, an excellent story line, keeping the suspense going through to the last page, with vivid descriptions (especially the gory bits...) – what more could you ask of a horror story.

Simon Milford, Customer review on Amazon UK

“Great Writing and a Real Shocker”
“Great writing, I mean really great. ... this novel totally blew me away.”

Barry Crowther, Customer review on

“Don’t read this on your own at night!”
“So well written the book draws you into the story and there you stay until the end”

Doyle, Customer review on Amazon UK

“Amazingly enticing, with wonderful imagery”
“The story has impressive imagery and conjures up such wonderful visual notions; you can almost see it play through as if it were a blockbuster film in your head!”

Giselle, Customer review on Waterstones

“A fantastic, scary read”
“Although I couldn’t wait to see what happened next, I really didn’t want it to end. ...I can’t recommend this book highly enough.”

bookworm, Customer review on Amazon UK

“Great scary read”
“I would say that this book has impressed me as much as Dean Koonzt at his height and I would recommend to anyone looking for a great suspensful story with some horror and supernatural thrown in for good measure.”

Mrs Readsalot, Customer review on Amazon UK

“This is a fantastic read”
“This is one of the best books I've ever read”

spiritfox, Customer review on Amazon UK

“Brilliant Read - will have you looking over your shoulder!”
“Great characters (some nicer than others) - excellent storyline (I couldn't put it down) - full of suspense from start to finish.”

The happy cleaner, Customer review on Amazon UK

“A Superb Read”
“Ms.Buck’s imagery is extremely vivid, tapping into the most primeval of humanity’s fears – darkness, abandonment, kidnapping, and the cold claw of nature... It is the author’s handle on the dynamics of families and friendships that make this book so involving.”

Phil Kelly, DeathRay Magazine

“...the writing places us there – the sense of being in snowy dark woods is only part paralleled by The Shining’s steadicam shots in the snowy hedge maze... really enjoyed the filmic style, and found a distinct creepiness in turning the pages late at night”

John Lloyd, The Book Bag

“Chiller is a cracking read”
“ Abiding Evil grips you and makes you read on... it’s a cracking read.”

Sarah Miles, News Shopper

“...realistic and believable portrayal of her characters and the easy way in which she created tension through her admirable psychological insight”

Sarah Jackson, Whispers of Wickedness

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